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Qmail Support and Development

Inter7 is the global leader in qmail support and free qmail software. Send your email marketing message with Robomail, get the most out of your qmail server with our open source/free software and technical support team, and keep your incoming email safe and spam-free with our open source OpenEFilter content filter and virus scanner.

Commercial Installation of qmail

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Inter7 Archiver

Email List Manager

The Inter7 Archiver automatically archives and indexes all inbound and outbound messages, and requires little to no administractive maintenance. Users no longer need to worry about lost emails, and companies can feel secure that they meet their email retention policies.


Mailing List Manager and Campagin Tracker

Robomail automates management of mailing lists and tracking of the results. The new version 8.0 adds even more features requested by Robomail users including automated Triple opt-in and honoring redelivery behavior requested by sites that use greylisting.

New vpopmail development 5.5

Quota System Redesign

The new development branch of vpopmail includes a whole new quota system and more specifically, a usage daemon, which efficiently tracks user and domain disk usage. The usage daemon can be installed separately so you can do quota checks, rather than calling vpopmail's quota API, which can be quite slow, disk intensive, and on occasion a little off on it's calculations.

New Simscan version 1.4.0 released.

New Simscan Version 1.4.0

Added support for DSPAM anti spam software.

The Inter7 Newsletter

Technology Update from Inter7

Inter7 is proud to announce the latest updates to our product and service offerings. We continue to improve our open source solutions for the ever changing and demanding needs of email and telephone users. What we discuss in this month's current issue is: New ClamAV Virus Version 0.90.1 Released | Windows Grey Listing to Help Block Spam | New Spamassassin version 3.1.8 | DSpam alternative to SpamAssassin | Asterisk Phone Server Update with New Web Interface | The Citadel Server

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Small Business Phone Systems

Do you run a small business or office? Inter7 has introduced a plug and play phone system that can suit your distinctive needs. If you employ a handful of people, mostSmall Business Phone Systems phone systems are just plain too expensive or too complicated.

Inter7 has an affordable small office phone system that is perfectly priced to fit just about any budget. Buy it, Open it, Plug it in.

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What can we do for you?

qmail Support

Find answers to your questions and tons of open source/free software here.
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Email Content Filtering

OpenEFilter will keep your inbox clean, your computer safe, and spam at a minimum — all with open source software. Our 4 layers of protection work together to scan your incoming email, stays current to catch the new virus and worm, and won't slow your system down.
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Email Marketing

RoboMail is email marketing software for large volume, time critical, opt-in mailing lists. Track open/view, click-thru, bounced messages and more. Supports multiple campaigns, integrates with your database, offers multiple personalization points, and provides critical reports.
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